Sunrise on a tiny river

Sunrise on a tiny river


My steed

That’s how I roll.


A good day on Guntersville Lake

Dewayne broke his rod off on one. 

A bridge.


There are alligators

in this black swamp.  

I was surprised at how clear the water was. 

Twenty-feet deep, I could see my chartreuse chatterbait on bottom.

I did see big fish, however, they saw me first.  Else, they were spooked by the splashing of my lunker frog cast.

Later in the day, I hooked up with a black bass; almost four-pounds on a topwater Pop-R.  

The grass is high and the lily pads are taking over.  There’s almost no way to fish this water effectively.  

The alligators will have their way for now at the edge of the Rocket City.


Frogging on Lake Guntersville

The weeds are almost too thick already.  And odd weather cycle we’ve had this season.  The frog bite is on, though.


That 10-inch rock bass

was nearly bait for a monster small mouth that followed him into my kayak.


In this primitive wetland

an ancient beaver had been at work.

My ears and ears could tell nature was thriving.

I was nearly attacked by a sixty-pound sunning snapping turtle.  

I survived its hissing and its downhill charge atop the beavers’ mighty lodge.

My God, that tortoise looked like an armoured tank.

Thank God, that creature was not a gator.

The kingfishers were eating well.

As were the alligator gar.

Bluegill were teaming.

Black bass too. 

Ibises were nesting in the grasses 

beside the pools.  Their call seemed to come from my paddle’s end.

We were both startled as one sprung up from underneath the boat.

The duck grass scratching along the side of a kayak

sounded like a hundred snakes hissing.

On every stroke I wondered who would come aboard.


We launched into a Lake Guntersville cove

       at six A.M.

The wind out of the south were much stronger than the five to ten miles per hour our forecast gave.  

                   I added a three-pound dumbbell onto my two-foot long drag chain and caught much…

                                       weed each time I can anchored near the bank.

The one that got away is the one I wanted most.

                                The frog bite is on.



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